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Why You Should do a Photo Session at Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo

New York is the city that never sleeps. You’re spoilt for choice with locations to choose for your photoshoot. Whether it’s a family portrait or engagement photoshoot, you’re guaranteed to find somewhere that captures your imagination. There’s magic in the air, wherever you go in this metropolitan jungle.

DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge are some of the most popular areas for family photo sessions. I’m sharing the best spots in Brooklyn Bridge Park for photoshoots, as well my top tips for getting a magic shot.

Dumbo, NY

Why you should do a photoshoot at the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO

Brooklyn Bridge sits at the heart of New York, bringing together Manhattan and Brooklyn. You’ll get the best Manhattan views by going to the bridge from the Brooklyn walkway at Washington St. and Prospect St.

The beauty of Brooklyn Bridge is the views that it can offer you of both sides of the city. You can choose the skyscrapers of Manhattan or the contemporary look of Brooklyn as your backdrop. Whatever your aesthetic, you’ll find it on Brooklyn Bridge.

Meanwhile, DUMBO is an area of Brooklyn that gives you an alternative view of Manhattan. DUMBO stands for ‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’. It’s the perfect add-on to a photoshoot at Brooklyn Bridge as it gives you the distinctive New York skyline.

The best time and places to take photos at DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge

You want to avoid the crowds when doing your Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot. Golden hour is a unique experience if you can get to the bridge before, during, or directly after sunrise. The sunrise gives you the ideal soft natural lighting that adds an authentic feel to your photos.

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the city. No trip to New York is complete without a photo on the bridge. Your photographer will work their magic to try and avoid tourists in your photos, but it’s more challenging at peak times. While you might find it easier to take your photos around lunchtime, this is when you’ll deal with the harshest natural light.

Brooklyn Bridge photographer
Brooklyn Bridge

At DUMBO, there are several areas you can take photos:

  • The Waterfront at the Brooklyn bridge park gives you a view of Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. Pebble Beach is one of the best places to pose for your photos.

  • Jane’s Carousel is one of the most whimsical locations in New York for family portraits and engagement photos. This 48-horse carousel was built in 1922 and sits in Brooklyn Bridge Park. You can even request a time lost to take your photos at Jane’s Carousel on days when it’s closed to the public.

  • Washington Street is another popular DUMBO location. It was made famous by the film, ‘Once Upon a Time in America’. You’ll get to frame your photo with the Manhattan Bridge while adding in the texture of the area’s iconic red-brick buildings and cobblestone streets.

If you’re travelling to New York or a local searching for the best photo location, Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO deserve a spot on your list.

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